Slingo Rainbow Riches

We all LOVE Rainbow Riches and it's just got richer! All the golden Bonus rounds are still there with a special Slingo touch. Which means - more Free Spins, more Bonuses and more WINS!


Don't know much about Slingo? It's a mix of Slots and Bingo, easy to play and even easier to win! Complete Slingos (by marking off all symbols in one line), and you'll make your way to the famous Bonus rounds. From choosing wishing wells to Toadstools and winning Free Spins to Multipliers, this game has it all! Play now to see how much gold is hidden on the other side of the rainbow

How to play

Before you start your colourful journey, set your coin value using the (-) and (+) buttons on the bottom-left hand corner of your screen. 10 Spins will be yours to start the game off and get as many Slingo's as you can! The symbols to look out for are the Joker, Super Joker, Free Spins and Devil symbols. These will lead you to the amazing bonus rounds where all the wins await

Wishing Well

A prize is hidden behind 3 wishing wells, which one will you choose? Pick any one!

Cash Crop

50 spinning coins will be revealed, each with a winning value displayed. After each round a coin flip decides whether you will collect or move onto the next, more valuable, round. Multipliers increase as you progress through the rounds!

Magic Toadstool

Pick any Toadstool! You have 3 picks to find a winning value between x1, x5 or a fairy. Each fairy gives another 3 values. If all 24 toadstools are revealed with 2 picks remaining, a x3 multiplier is applied to the entire win! If 1 pick reminds, a x2 multiplier is added.

Magic Toadstool RED

Same rules as the original Magic Toadstool, however, you will have 4 picks rather than 3!

Road to Riches

Spin the lucky wheel to move 1-6 places along the golden trail. When the wheel lands on COLLECT, you are awarded with the prize from your current trail position.

Road to Riches RED

Same prizes as the original Road to Riches bonus, but double the amount!

Pots of Gold

Silver, bronze and gold pots spin around. They will come to a stop randomly and you will be given the magical prize on the chosen pot!

Return to player

Based on best strategy this game has a theoretical RTP of 95.60% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £95.60. Based on best strategy each extra spin has a theoretical RTP of 94.92%

When the fun stops, stop