Blackjack Pro

Think you're a PRO at Blackjack?? Then try your hand at this exciting variant at Britain's Got Talent Games! You'll love this 3-hand online blackjack game that's polished off with cutting-edge card and chip animations and a top-notch Double Jack side-bet feature. What are you waiting for?!


Take on the dealer at Britain's Got Talent Games TODAY for your chance to snap up some BIG wins! This is a fully 3D game which provides a truly immersive experience from the second you hit ‘play', and with a totally unique Double Jack side-bet bonus feature, jackpots beyond your wildest dreams are just a few clicks away. Get playing today to experience all this and more!

How to play

The aim of Blackjack Pro is the same as every other blackjack game - you'll win by beating the dealer's hand, whilst trying to get your own hand as close to 21 as possible without going over it. If you do, you'll go bust and lose the round/stake - and no one wants that!

Begin by choosing your betting chips (1, 5, 10) in the bottom right of the screen, before placing them on each respective hand. You can play 1, 2 or all 3 hands in this game. Once you're ready to play, hit DEAL and cross your fingers! You'll find colour-coded game buttons will appear in front of you once all the cards have been dealt, so use these to deal, draw, hit, stand, split, double, accept even money or buy insurance - depending on the state of play.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 99.53% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £99.53. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

When the fun stops, stop